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12/11/22- Remembrance Day themed craft

This week the children had fun with Remembrance Day themed craft. The children had fun painting and colouring in poppies. 

05/11/22 - Diwali and bonfire night craft 

Todays activities were Diwali and bonfire night inspired craft. The children had fun making firework patterns with paint and creating their own rockets 🚀 

22/10/2022 - Halloween craft

It’s the week before half term and we’re doing Halloween craft!! We painted paper plates and decorated them to make them look spooky 👻 We also made scary slime together and experimented with colours and textures.


15/10/22 - Experimenting with Slime

Today’s session was full of different activities that the children enjoyed. We experimented with slime ingredients and made sensory bottles. The children also loved circle time while playing ‘what’s in the bag’

08/10/22 - Sensory bottles 

This week, the children made sensory bottles and played with foam. They used glitter, feathers, oil and water to make cool sensory bottles and mixed different things into the foam.

01/10/22 - Superhero Craft 

In this weeks session we had fun with superhero craft. We made superhero magnets and wristbands. The children also enjoyed riding the bikes outside and playing with the animal toys 🦒 

24/09/22 - Marble ink craft 

In todays session we were busy having fun with marble ink craft. The children enjoyed making patterns with the ink in the water and dipping paper into it. We also enjoyed playing with sensory sand. 

17/09/22 - Face craft

This weeks craft was faces!! The kids explored adding different facial features and hair textures to their paper face.  

10/09/22 - First day back after summer 

It’s our first day back from the summer holidays and we started off with family tree craft!! The kids loved the soft play and playing outdoors.

16/07/22 - Foam Visors 

For our last session before the summer break, we decorated sun foam visors with stickers and gems to enjoy the lovely weather 🌞 

02/07/22 - Stacking fish craft 

Today we were busy with fish stacking craft which the kids enjoyed making and decorating their fishes. We also had fun playing head basketball 🏀

25/06/22 - Mosaic craft

Today the kids were busy with bug mosaic kits in the craft area and made butterflies and bumble bees 🐝

18/06/22 - Enjoying the weather ☀️

This week we enjoyed the hot weather with water activities in the outdoor play area and playing with Play-dough ☀️

11/06/22 - Father's Day craft and Playdough 

Today we spent the session making Father’s day cards and making scented playdough. The children enjoyed the weather outside and had an imaginary picnic 🧺

21/05/22 - Crown craft 👑

Today we spent the session creating crowns in celebration of the queens jubilee. The kids enjoyed sticking down gems and decorating their own crowns. 👑

14/05/22 - Sensory bags 

Today we enjoyed the weather while playing in the outside area . We also made sensory bags and bottles using glitter, paint, shampoo and foam. 

07/05/22 - Playdough & Craft 

This week we made scented play dough and made cookies and cakes with it!! We also enjoyed making footballer magnets and had fun with sports scratch cards ⚽️

23/04/22 - Ramadan decorations

It was our first session back from half term and we were excited to make Ramadan moon and star decorations 🌙✨

02/04/22 - Easter egg hunt 

Today the children continued with Easter craft, painting Easter eggs and making more egg baskets. The kids had fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt and found lots of chocolate eggs to fill up their baskets!! 🐣 🍫 

26/03/22 - Easter themed craft 🐣 

Last weeks session was all about Easter craft!! The children loved getting involved and making their own Easter egg baskets and Easter bunny decorations 🐣 

19/03/22 - Mother's Day cards

For this weeks session, the children made mothers day cards, enjoyed playing together in soft play and had fun with building blocks and train sets.

12/03/22 - Cupcake craft 🧁 

This weeks session was all about cupcake craft! The kids loved making and decorating their cupcake cards and envelopes. We also had fun with cupcake colouring sheets 🧁 

05/03/22 - World book day 

Today we celebrated world book day with some fun activities including making bookmarks and book themed word searches. The children also enjoyed building mini Lego constructions.

26/02/22 - Frog craft & drawing

Today, the children made drawings and painting, and continued with frog craft. They also played with building blocks and enjoyed outdoor play.

19/02/22- Frog themed craft

This week, the kids took part in frog themed craft including frog stacking kits and frog sequencing number activities 🐸 

12/02/22 - Valentines Day cards 💗 

Today, the children enjoyed making their own Valentines Day cards with heart stickers and glitter ✨

05/02/22 - Chinese New Year craft 🐉 

Today the children were making dragons in celebration of Chinese New Year 🐉. They were also busy making Valentine’s Day cards and teddy bear craft. Some of the children enjoyed making and playing with play dough.

29/01/22 - Scented Play Dough 

This weeks session was exciting as the children made scented play dough together. We also had a sensory circle time packed with songs and sensory toys.

22/01/22 - Hero magnet craft

Today the children were busy making fuzzy hero art magnets in the craft area and enjoyed playing in the soft play. Some children also had fun exploring the sensory room

15/01/22 - First session of 2022!

Today was our first day back at our old space and the kids enjoyed the soft play, outdoor area and indoor craft. The children had fun making snow bear decoration kits.

18/12/21 - Last session of 2021

Today was our last session of 2021!! We celebrated by making festive trees and decorations.

11/12/21 - Christmas Tree Craft 

Today was exciting and filled with Christmas tree themed craft 🎄. We also had a yummy festive lunch and thanks to our donors, we bought Christmas presents for all the families attending our sessions 🎁. Some families also went to see the pantomime called ‘Treasure Island’.

04/12/21 - Christmas glitter decorations 

This week, we had fun making glitter Christmas tree decorations and glittered drawings ✨

27/11/21 - Snowman craft 

Today, we enjoyed making snowman themed Christmas decorations and drawings! ⛄️ 

20/11/21 - Snowy owl decorations 

This week, the children enjoyed making snowy owl decorations and building huge towers with Legos. They also loved some birthday cupcakes, YUM 😋

13/11/21 - Fairy magnets 

Today, the children had fun making fairy scratch art magnets, building towers and playing in the kitchen area.

06/11/21 - Autumn fairies

This week's session was full of fun activities for the children including making Autumn fairies and soldiers, playing outdoor connect four, and construction with building blocks.

30/10/21 - Halloween themed craft 

In celebration of Halloween, we had fun with Halloween themed craft in our spooky costumes 👻 We made pumpkin decorations and treat boxes.

23/10/21 - outdoor play 

This week, everyone was having fun with outdoor play. The children enjoyed playing connect four and looking for mushrooms in the garden 🍄

16/10/21 - Cornwallis Adventure playground

Today we went to Cornwallis adventure playground and had loads of fun playing on the pirate ship and climbing walls

09/10/21 - Animal Craft

Today the children made woodland jump up animal craft and enjoyed watching them jump up really high!

02/09/21 - Indoor craft

The kids enjoyed indoor play and craft as it was raining today. They painted and decorated wooden people photo frames and also made their own paintings

25/09/21 - Autumn Glitter craft

This week, we welcomed Autumn by making magic fairy wands with glitter and ribbons. We also made hedgehogs with stick-on glittery leaves.