24/06/2023 - Boat Trip

Today we the children enjoyed the boat trip along with the lovely weather!

15/04/2023 - The Instrumentals

This week, we had an exciting trip to the Little Angel Theatre to watch ‘The Instrumentals’!

26/03/2023 - The flying bath 

Today we took a trip to the little angel studios to watch The Flying Bath and the children loved it!

11/12/21 - Christmas Tree Craft 

Today was exciting and filled with Christmas tree themed craft 🎄. We also had a yummy festive lunch and thanks to our donors, we bought Christmas presents for all the families attending our sessions 🎁. Some families also went to see the pantomime called ‘Treasure Island’.

16/10/21 - Cornwallis Adventure playground

Today we went to Cornwallis adventure playground and had loads of fun playing on the pirate ship and climbing walls

16/11/2019 🚀 🌌

We went to the science museum wonderlab and the kids had lot of fun exploring the hands on displays 😎


The aquarium

We had an amazing trip to the aquarium. We saw penguins, seahorses and huge sharks!!!

08/06/2019 The slightly Annoying Elephant

We went to the Little Angel Theatre this weekend and saw the production of The Slightly Annoying Elephant which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

So much so that some of the children where able to recall the big blue elephant and disccuss it with their family. Result! 🙂

Left image courtesy of the Guardian.

18/05/2019 Outing to ZSL London Zoo

Every year in May the London Zoo have a weekend for children with special needs where increased staff are present and interactive events are organised.

The children had lots of fun visiting the animals and watching the live shows. The penguin attraction was particularly popular as always :)

16/02/2019 Outing

The performers were charismatic and endearing, even my husband was both laughing and in tears!

We had our first outing this Saturday. The children had a lovely time and behaved so well @LittleATheatre (Little Angel Theatre) and watched a wonderful performance of Prince Charming.

Thank you for such a lovely day!

It was the first time we have had the courage to take our child to a theatre production and it was all thanks to the support of the people in this charity.

#PrinceCharming #Autism