13/07/2024 - Summer sale

Last session we had an amazing summer sale to raise money for our charity. We had clothes, toys, books, shoes and much more for amazing prices. If you missed it, It’s okay! We’re having another one next week before we break up for summer

06/07/2024 - Story Massage Session

This week the over 5 children took part in a story massage with Dee from Islington Healing Network.

The children  practised different breathing techniques and parents learnt how to tell a story through simple movements that can be done to their child. The children were relaxed and enjoyed the session.

29/06/2024 - Story Massage Session

This week the under 5 children thoroughly enjoyed the story massage with Dee from Islington Healing Network.

The children were calm and relaxed enjoying the exercises and nursery rhymes.

04/05/2024 - Yoga session and train craft

This week we had an amazing yoga workshop which the kids and parents loved! We also had train sticker craft where the children decorate trains with colourful stickers.

09/03/2024 - Fun Yoga session

We had such a fun yoga session which both the children and the adults enjoyed and found relaxing and helpful.

20/01/2024 - Sensory Processing 

We had a Workshop with Orit on sensory processing, how it impacts  children's lives and how to suport them.

16/12/2023 - Winter party

We had a winter party to celebrate the upcoming holidays and had a sale to raise money for the charity!

27/05/2023 - Summer market

We had a summer market to raise money for our charity. We had a Bake sale,henna and face painting!

04/03/2023 - Story time massage 

This week we had an exciting story time massage session which parents and children loved!! We also made book marks for world book day and did some word searchesAlso, we had an exciting craft activity as we made sensory balloons!

21/01/23  -Sensory processing workshop 

We had a sensory processing workshop with Orit which was helpful and informative for parents.

28/01/23 + 26/02/2023 - Yoga session 

The children enjoyed today's yoga session with new and exciting instruments that they had not seen before. It was relaxing for both children and parents!

16/10/21 - Cornwallis Adventure playground

Today we went to Cornwallis adventure playground and had loads of fun playing on the pirate ship and climbing walls

25/01/2020- Chinese New Year
It's been a year since we held our first session👍, the time has flown and the children have flourished. This week we held another workshop this time it was about eating 🥗 and the children made floral 💐 paintings using bottles to make patterns.


Today the children enjoyed the bubble workshop filled with lots of fun activities!! We saw bubble rainbows and even bubble snow!! ❄️


Fun day at the park

The weather was great today👍 Perfect for a picnic at th park! The children made sandcastles together and also played on the boat and tractor


We had a great turn out to the workshop "what is Autism?" presented by Orit (Occupational Therapist). We had lots of people attend from relatives, teachers to parents of newly diagnosed children.

Also, the children had a go at kids origami and made dinosours and octopuses!


The children tried a range of activities today including colourful clay modeling, yoga and a capoera music lesson. Its our last week before the summer break so we gave out goodie bags with small sensory toys,social stories and flashcards to make traveling that little bit easier 😀


A trip to the fire station & Sensory play

The children visited the fire station today and took part in fun and exciting activities such as wearing the uniform and playing with the fire hose!!

We also made sensory craft which invloved making slime, and sensory bags. How fun!!